Terms & Conditions

Parcel2Kenya aims to simplify your experience of shipping to Kenya from EU and UK, Please ensure you read the terms of service and shipments and you agree to them fully when using our service.

  • Quotes

Prices are quoted as Per Kilo Grams or dimensional volume weight which ever is greater this is based on the size of your box/items which takes the space when shipped this is in the following international method Length x Height x Weight / 5000 = the weight in KGs or the actual KGs which ever is greater is the final price charge.

  • Minimum chargeable Weight

Minimum charged weight is 5KG if your items weight less you will be required to pay the fee for 5 KGs.

  • UK Collection

To use our London address as Delivery is free service. For collections within the UK you will need to contact us with type of item, weight, dimension and collection address so that we can quote you with a collection fee.

Please visit the Dangerous Goods section to know what items are not permitted to be shipped by cargo, as these are airline rules.

  • Delivery within Kenya

Our online price does not include local delivery charges, these are to be arranged when your items get to Kenya, our member of staff in Kenya will arrange local delivery within Kenya, this is usually cheap.

  • Storage Fee

Storage fees are free when its kept in our London office for upto 2 weeks, there after its £40 per week to store your items with us, we advise customers to get all the items in one go and ready to be shipped and not order in long periods.

Items kept in Kenya must be collected within 2 weeks on date of arrival, once you are notified. Failing to collect or arrange delivery in Kenya will incur storage fees.


For further info and clarification please contact us by email on