Cargo from China to Kenya

Shipping Cargo from China to Kenya

Air Cargo Shipping to Kenya

Cost effective and reliable UK Air freight shipping to Kenya from China. Competitive baggage shipping, personal goods, pallet, cargo send to Nairobi and Mombasa.

Buy Goods from China and send it to Kenya

Parcel2Kenya offers a vast range of shipping services for personal and commercial cargo to Kenya from the UK, China, India and UAE.

China to Kenya shipping is a priority shipping destination with key industrial businesses and large export to the world, especially Kenya. If you are seeking a cost-effective and reliable China to Kenya shipping service, we can come to your aid.

We are a major service provider with a considerable presence in China Guangzhou. We can ship your personal belongings, commercial cargo, and parcel to Kenya at very reasonable rates.

Shipping from China to Kenya

Sending goods to Kenya from China we ensure assured delivery of shipments within our timelines. We send cargo from China to Kenya and we take care of the whole process including clearance. A dedicated force of professionals deployed by us in China and our UK Head office we takes care of all your shipping needs.

We Parcel to Kenya are ready to exceed all your expectations. We take additional measures to ensure that every step of the shipping process goes smoothly. All logistical difficulties related to the China to Kenya shipping are swept aside by our reliable services.

Our shipping services includes

  • Price from China to Kenya at best rates
  • Shipping of personal and gift items
  • Commercial Cargo shipping to Kenya
  • Custom Clearance taken care in Kenya
  • Shipping of heavy cargo to Kenya
  • Delivery address in china provided
  • Shipping of shopping items and purchases

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    How do i start Shipping from China

    Firstly ensure you contact us by completing the form the left, once you agree to ship you will use the address below, add your name with P2K

    Kindly ask your supplier write your name and number on the carton and mark out by air

    YOURNAME/P2K address 广州市白云区金沙洲丰禾物流中心西区八栋8号(导航丰禾物流园中心) 谭先生:13500224956 王先生:15914332869 亲!请在外包装写明客人非洲名字和电话以防丢失!附上装箱清单以及包装外面注明空运
    shipping to kenya