Amazon Delivery Kenya

How to Use Delivery address for Parcel2Kenya. When ordering goods online for it to get to you in Kenya, you need to ensure that orders are made to our Warehouse address in London.

To Order using various websites be careful when entering the name field, and address fields and ensure you enter it manually as follow:


Access Storage Unit 1602

145 Boston Road


W7 3SA

Address when ordering to Parcel2Kenya Should be as above, if there are any issues or errors please contact us on and feel free to ask us for assistance.

Here is a example screenshot when ordering from Amazon and Ebay

ebay delivery address kenya

We hope the above information was helpful in how to use delivery address when ordering goods online for shipping to Kenya. This way when you order from sites like Amazon or Ebay you can enter the address correctly without issues or packages being lost in the mail.

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