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We provide the best and affordable shipping to Kenya service from the UK. Whether you’re sending gifts, business goods to Kenya or shopping from Ebay & Amazon Kenya online, you can now receive it to your door in Kenya with

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At, we offer discount Shipping to Kenya parcel delivery services from UK to Kenya at the best rates.

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Why not buy luxury items from UK Online Stores such as John Lewis, Harrods or Amazon and many quality products, ship it to you in Kenya use our free delivery address.

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Shipment is send weekly by Air

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1. Shop online from any UK retailer like Amazon or Commercial suppliers & use our UK address for deliveries.


2. We receive all your parcels and package it together and send it to Kenya by Air safe & Secure


3. You collect all your Cargo shipments from our Nairobi or Mombasa branches we take care of all custom clearance and taxes no hidden costs


At Parcel2Kenya we provide professional cargo shipping to Kenya from All of the UK and Europe. Our weekly shipment by Air provides direct flights to Mombasa and Nairobi. We can arrange collection or simply you can get it delivered to our UK warehouse. Simply buy from any retailer or Amazon to Kenya and we can take care of the rest, package your items and includes custom cleared in Kenya.

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Get in touch with us for any queries, we can offer you all the answers your seeking, whether its large shipping consignments or simply sending a parcel or moving back.


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We operate from UK, with representation in other countries, we specially in cargo to Kenya for personal and commercial goods.

Our team operates from various offices and can be reached by email, phone or online.

Head quartered in London, Ealing W7, We operate operate a freight and packaging centre: Picking, packing and transporting cargo to Kenya every day for customers across a range of sectors.

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