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Shipping to Kenya, Whether you’re sending gifts, business goods or shopping from Ebay & Amazon or UK stores, you can now receive it to your door in Kenya

We're the UK's cheapest shipping to KenyaAt, we offer discount Shipping to Kenya parcel delivery services from UK to Kenya at the best rates.

Shop from UKWhy not buy luxury items from UK Online Stores such as Ebay or Amazon and many quality products, ship it to you in Kenya use our free delivery address.
Call us NowContact is if you have questions about shipping to Kenya +44 ‭07427 626347‬ or on +44 ‭020 3371 1130‬‭‬‬‬.

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How it Works

3 Simple steps

Buy & Export from UK

1. Shop online from any UK retailer like Amazon or Commercial suppliers & use our address as delivery

We send it to Kenya

2. We receive all your parcels and package it together and send it to Kenya by Air or Sea safe & Secure

Simply collect it from Kenya

3. You collect all your Cargo shipments from our Nairobi or Mombasa branches we take care of all custom clearance and taxes no hidden costs

Shipping to Kenya

At Parcel2Kenya we provide professional cargo shipping to Kenya from All of the UK and Europe. Our weekly shipment by Air provides direct flights to Mombasa and Nairobi. We can arrange collection or simply you can get it delivered to our UK warehouse. Simply buy from any retailer or Amazon to Kenya and we can take care of the rest, package your items and includes custom cleared in Kenya.

Our weekly Air shipping to Kenya is every Friday direct from London.



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About Parcel 2 Kenya

Amazon Kenya

It’s great! We Specialise in Parcel delivery from UK to Kenya, Shop from Ebay to Kenya

amazon kenya

Parcel2Kenya is a market leading parcel shipping to Kenya offering a vast array of UK shipping services and collection for export to kenya by individuals and large businesses. Our prices are the very best available due to our massive buying power with the world’s largest airlines we have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates. This allows us to offer you some of the lowest parcel cargo to kenya from the UK,

Low cost shipping to Kenya is made easy and affordable.

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Where we Are 

UK Head Office

ACCESS SelfStorage
Unit 1602
145-147 Boston Road
Postcode: W7 3SA

Nairobi Warehouse Collection

Store 3
Herow Plaza
Waudo street
Nairobi, Kenya



Mombasa Warehouse Collection

Majengo Road

Majengo area
Mombasa, Kenya
(Near Sakina Mosque)


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Where to Shop

Amazon Kenya & Online stores shipping

Amazon Kenya – Shopping and shipping from Amazon to Kenya and all UK Online Stores is now possible with Parcel2Kenya

Thousands of customers have used our service, you can now shop online from major retailers like, Ebay and more. Use our London delivery Address for free when you ship with us. We take care of everything when it gets to us here and get it to your door in Kenya. Shipping to Kenya by Parcel2Kenya made easy and affordable we even custom clear your goods in Kenya all inclusive.

Our Delivery address is in the FAQ section or contact us by email via for your Amazon Kenya shopping queries. If you are not sure of the process, we will be happy to assist you and get your parcel to Kenya.

ebay kenya  amazon kenya  ASOS kenya Argos to kenya  everything5pounds house of fraser

Above stores is just a example of few stores, there are more you can pick from to order online and use our FREE UK delivery address.

Shop from All UK stores and receive it in Kenya, import tax and duty are included in the price, we take care of all that. All worked out and paid up front so there are no hidden fees & bad surprises on deliveries out UK.

Combine multiple orders under one shipment, so all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay the 1st kilo as minimum charged weight. Please ensure you do not order any prohibited goods or dangerous goods that are not permitted for air cargo, you can see more info here.

Please feel free to contact us for all your enquiries or questions, we will be happy to assist you. We will email you back within few hours and will help you with any of your shipping to Kenya

How to Order

You can order from any online UK Retailer including Amazon and Ebay, please use our Delivery address as follow and input details manually as below:

ACCESS SelfStorage
Unit 1602
YOURNAME – Parcel2Kenya
145-147 Boston Road
Postcode: W7 3SA

You will need to notify us and forward your invoice to so are expecting your items and we can prepare it for shipping to Kenya.


Your Questions answered

How do i send a parcel?

 Simply contact us on the form above with your details and we will email you our address to get your parcel than we will weight it and give you a quote, the rate £4.69 per KG + Handling Fee for clearance & taxes this is £25 only per shipment send together, and once you make the payment we will ship it you in Kenya for you to collect at our office


How long does it take to receive items?

 Our shipment flies direct from UK London Heathrow to Kenya by Air, we have the fastest service, weekly shipment leave Friday and is ready to be collected after 4/5 working days in Mombasa and Nairobi, we notify our customers once it’s ready


What Items are not permitted by Air Cargo?

 For detailed Air Cargo shipment, these are international rules set by AITA please see our Dangerous Good Section


Where do I collect my shipping from in Kenya?

We have 2 locations in Kenya Nairobi branch and Mombasa Branch, the addresses are:
Nairobi Branch Store No. 14
Store 3
Herow Plaza, Waudo street
Nairobi, Kenya
Mombasa Branch
Majengo Road, Mombasa, Kenya
(Near Sakina Mosque)


How do i Pay for my Parcel Shipping?

Once we weight your shipment, we will invoice you, you can pay safe via many methods from PayPal using our credit or debit card, using Cash deposit to our Kenya Bank Account or UK Account, please let us know which why is the easiest way of payment is for you before we invoice for your shipping, please note NO Cash on collection


Does the Quote include Tax and Clearance in Kenya?

Yes our price quoted will include shipping and handling cost and clearance at Kenya Airport, this is £25.00 per shipment for as many items or weight you send, its covered. you simply pay what you get quoted without the worry of high tax or your items being held we take care of all


What address do I use to order my shopping in the UK?

Please use our Delivery address as follow and input your name:
ACCESS Storage
Unit 1602
145 Boston Road
Postcode: W7 3SA
You will need to notify us and forward your invoice to so are expecting your items


I have more Questions how can i get answers?

Easy we have many forms of contact, simply email us on, Message us on our facebook page


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